No Change

Date: 28-December-2008
Time: 10:00PM

Mood: A Lonely Night

Activity: Pen Is Busy

When the industry was recovering with tough targets,
Humanity once again became, the terrorists' targets.

... crash and the Kashmir blast,
People are wondering when this will last.

For some, it was terrorism,
For some, the freedom fight.

Roots are already so deep,
That cleaning is difficult in one sweep.

Even the economy is bad and shrinking,
And also the human thinking.

Today, the world is on a new war,
Our industry is also struggling so far.

The shares are badly sinking,
Software people are hardly blinking !

Hard Realities,
Serious Thoughts,
Creative Writings,
Thoughtful Words...
Thoughtful Words...

Thoughtful Words...

Are they not reflecting our current state??
But, what is current state???
And what is current????

I am already losing in time...

That piece of 'poetic text' is not current but just an excerpt from one of my (Ref:) poem written in 2001. one of my poem written in 2001...

Time changes and nothing else!
~ Only Time Kuyyo Kuotes

Time is just a 'change' illusion in our life's rather dead existence!
~ Changing Time Kuyyo Kuotes



Rakesh said…
Namaskara Doddorige,

Was reading your posts and thinking nothing has changed in 4 years except ideaNaren sits in Google office instead of Oracle !!!

Nice and interesting posts :)

Namma life eega putta "Bharath" na suttha tirgta ede. Wondering who's "Bharath" ! You haven't met him yet. He's my 9 month old son.Otherwise, life in "GE" has been an exciting journey so far.

Btw, I'm wondering if you are the composer of the song "Chitranna Chitarana ? " ;-)

Will call you sometime.

- Rakesh
IdeaNaren said…
If you are back and reading this, then svalpa dayamaadi send your email id or phone number to ideanaren at gmail dot com!

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