Though delayed by more than a year, finally got a chance to watch Vishal Bharadwaj's Kaminey. Nothing much in the content of the story, but Vishal succeeds in making the plot interesting with his music and visual compositions and also in giving a new 'couple' to Bollywood...

Inspired from a Japanese movie plot, Mysskin again proves his strength in handling the emotions and in well choreographed and interesting shot takings in his latest movie Nandalala.

Though he looks fine with his acting skills trying it out for the first time, he fails in coming up with a gripping story. Good visuals and the emotional peaks of the movie may not change its box office results, but it's Ilayaraja who proves why he is the best, with some great background score and songs.

Finally its Prabu Solomon who walks away with a block buster, which I guess mostly after a decade of him working as an independent director. Again not a strong story line, but Mynaa with the main characters and its refreshing surroundings wins in the end with an emotionally touching climax.

In the memory of Mynaa...


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