ANNA-lysing Corruption!

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:

- JUSTICE, social, economic and political;
- LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
- EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;
and to promote among them all FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;


if you are wondering what it is - check.

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As I am writing this, a local news channel is reporting about RTO people working on sunday too, to renew mostly some questionable DLs and later escaping from the office in fear of being exposed to the media...

thats just one instance of the corruption...

at the same time, at most of the other places across the country and around the world there is one more voice for a move, a step ahead to reduce such instances of corruption affecting the common man directly or indirectly...

the question is not whether anna is right or the present govt is...
the question is not whether jan lokpal bill is correct or govt lokpal bill is...
the question is not whether the people on streets are 'provided' by political parties/foreign hands or 'WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA' of our constitution...

the question is, how much belief we have in our political 'resources'?
the question is, do we believe in the first step of change towards anti-corruption?
the question is, are we trusting in the bigger voice against the establishment to voice our concerns?

Nandan Nilekani from the corporate world joins the government in the ambitious UID project and says that he believes in the intention of the government and the politicians for bringing corruption down - where as the local media in Mysore from his earlier corporate hometown does a sting operation in illegally getting a valid UID card in Nandan Nilekani's name along with his photo... questioning the basic idea of UNIQUE in UID itself...

Is everyone against corruption? maybe-
Does that mean no-one will indulge in corruption given the opportunity for corruption with a trust in the system that they won't be punished? maynotbe-

If everyone is divinely pure, we would be in a paradise and most likely never born again with a zero karma carryover... but this is a world of karma - and obviously some will do good with intentions and others with the fear of punishment... and hence we do need 'policing'... not just to bring up kids but even to cleanse the system... like the idea of 'god' from fear perspective...

  • Will policing or a lokpal solve the problem?
  • In the absence of a perfect solution, is one step towards that cleansing bad?
  • When the efforts are demoralizing from the establishment, is a louder voice from some section of the civil society for that one step, however imperfect bad?
  • In the absence of Lokayukta, was it possible for the CM of Karnataka to step down, scams being exposed, former CM going into a shell, a minister and a corporator going to jail?
  • Lokayukta might not be a perfect solution, but didn't it create that god-fear-mood in helping with a single step towards corruption-free world?

Perfect solution may not be in a single step, but is it bad to voice for a perfect solution to trigger those single steps towards perfection? When all the representatives are failing to represent people's voice as politics is becoming a business, Is voicing against a corrupt government to see a wave of change, undemocratic?

Is Right to Information Act (RTI) one of those better step towards that perfection? Did it happen in one step by just a government's will without public's voice and demand?

the question is not about whether jan lokpal bill is better? its about the intentions, initiatives and insults by the current 'power' house at the center... If the politicians had the will, it shouldn't have waited since 1968 to pass this bill - If the current govt had the will, it wouldn't have suggested a bill which catches almost none under corruption...

to prove your good-ness is a continuous process...
to prove your bad-ness is a single step process... you just need one proof.
  • PM addressing the people's sentiment as foreign-hand
  • party's spokesperson alleging anna hajare even without any respectful words when his another infamous colleague uses words like 'kasabji', 'osamaji'...
  • govt arresting and putting the leader in tihar jail even before starting a peace protest where as allowing a continuous agitation by mamata in west bengal, and a gathering of some kashmiri separatists talking about dividing india in delhi...

Today I am ashamed to have this kind of a party and this kind of government led by that kind of a party to represent us...
did I exercise my vote?
did I contribute in choosing this government?
are not the questions...

If we have elected the government and if we are not happy, can't we question it? If we want a change in the political system, is joining the politics the only solution - in which case what If I want a change in health system, political system, administrative system, defense system?

I can't play every role in the system. I have the right to ask for a change and I guess thats the right most people are exercising now and I hope that the collective karma of the people swings one step towards the positive side...

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Idea Naren!

" If you are into corruption, then bribe God... with your divine item number on love! "
~ Divine Corruption KuyyoKuotes


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