Searching... God @Google

What is Searching???
Does search always imply that there is something missing?!
Is there a real end to each Search or its just temporary?
Is Desire and Search related and same?
Can there be a search without the desire?

Atleast in the web world, you will have something in your mind you are looking for and that triggers the search. And with a probability > .4 you end up at to get the answers. But do you ever think how its getting u the answers? or is it just that u assume and believe that it gets u some how?!

You will know what u want, and u will know Google can get u that... and u will just send ur query to Google and wait for the answer... (though < .5 secs cannot be considered as a wait :-)) Most of the people know this pretty well...

But did u ever analysed the thoughts in your mind, your aspirations,... and the role of ur subconscious mind in these cases? Do you know that your subconscious mind is far powerful than Google for your mind's queries?

When, even for a search engine, you never bother about how it does these things... why do u bother about ur own subconsciousmind's processing power? Why dont you just believe in its processing power and send the query thoughts to ur subconsciousmind? You wl definitely get the answers, though it may not be in < .5 seconds in most of the cases :-)

Subconsciousness mind is like Google for your thought queries... like Oracle for your thought SQLs... you should not THINK about how it gets/realizes the answers... it has its own distributed processing power to do it... you just need to BELIEVE it...

Google and Oracle are Gods of their own world... and the theory of God is same everywhere... Remember that Thinking is inversely proportional to Belief :-)



kaavya said…
So if I think about some 'aspect', and come up to a conclusion on it... I am not believing the conclusion or my thoughts...
IdeaNaren said…
In mind there is only thoughts... 'conclusion' is nothing but the boundaries drawn by your own mind to the potentiality of your thoughts... so effectively you are rewriting your thoughts... hence the outcome...
JudeTheObscure said…

Stumbled apon your blog from kavyaspeaks- Loved it.

Per post,

I have often found quizzing my subconscious for answers, Just like google it takes me to oz!


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