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If your mind's speed is atleast 1 ips (Idea Per Second), you will know the problem that people like me face! Which idea should get the top priority? how much time? is it worth? is it the right time? and the list goes on...

One of my ideas took really a long time to materialize. Though I should have launched (domain-name-hidden) long back, it didn't happen till date, except my ownership for the prestigious domain name. But now (Apr 2007) I have tried my best to give life to a similar concept in a slightly different line along with some fun... and you get...

Kuyyo Kuotes

Daily updated quotes in my website . [I regularly redefine the definition of 'Daily'].

A community for the same in Orkut:

And my comments on the kuotes in the coming Kuyyo Kuotes book series :-)

Still wondering what the title is all about?? Here is a 'helping note'.

Kuyyo Kuotes:
--- Spiritually remixed kuotes for kuyskoLLo souls...

('kuyyi' is a shorter version of the slang 'piteelu kuyyi' in the kannada language, meaning 'say something which is boring'. Origin of 'kuyyi' can be traced back to 'koyyu' meaning cut or slice and 'piteelu' is the kannada word for 'violin' instrument. Meaning might have derived from the general assumption that 'listening to violin' is always boring! With that profound knowledge, 'Kuyyo Koutes' means, those quotes which are in the form of 'kuyyi'-ing)

~ IdeaNaren
"All my comments are not personal, some are from Supreme Consciousness"


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