Life, Memory & Manroe

Default behavior of life is always 'perfect'. Relativity Theory, Aishwarya Rai, Schumi, Google, *IdeaNaren*, Landing On Moon... are not just a few bright spots in this vast creation dust. Each of the creation's object/event has the perfect code in its constructor.

So, by default,...
- each new born baby should become the most beautiful person in the world
- each person should get as much money as the personal needs require
- each event should happen according to each individual's good intentions
- each brain's new ideas should materialize as the new inventions...

but, its our memory which overrides the default behavior... pushing mind's reasoning towards a less favorable outcome.

- parents' memory about the history of genetic study decides whether their daughter will be born as Aish or Rakhi (as in Rakhi Sawant)
- each person's memory on the available financial sources and their 'false' limitations decides their current/future financial status

Meditate daily. Forget all those things which you did learn as part of your education. As long as you believe in Newton's Gravitation law you can never make a ball fly...

Cleanup all your junk code, let the default constructor take over...

~~ IdeaNaren [Short Kuyyings at]

" By default Life is always perfect, but it is the memory that ruins it, except Marlyn's! "


kaavya said…
Someday people will want to be IN... agaa?

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