Naked Truth

Sony recently launched environmental-friendly digital camera series called 'Odo'. Now a days everyone seems trying hard to contribute to the well being of mother earth and I already commented on this in a different way through the post 'Ant-ego-nest'. Its good to know that people are concerned, after all there is no choice!

One of the model in Odo series is 'Spin N' Snap'. You spin the camera to charge it. Very innovative! Its even making my mind to run madly into the pre-historic stone age...

Many of you might be aware that many thinking minds say 'History Repeats'. I guess its believed that mankind always reaches its technological peak at some point in time, no matter how many dumbs keep on coming to earth. And it eventually auto-destroys itself to the dismay of those poor dumb souls.

But after looking at these environmental-friendly innovations I have started thinking differently. Materialistic man with mountain of fears starts abandoning each innovation (through reverse-innovation) and eventually end up with a stone in each hand walking naked. You might have already started seeing the latter part happening in recent times...

I am just waiting for an adventurous journey back to stone age.

Stone Gatherer,
Idea Naren!


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