Disabling an Editable Region in Nested Template of Dreamweaver

If you are reading this then obviously you have hit a situation where you have a nested template with an editable region carried from its parent template, which you want to modify in the nested template but make it non-editable in its instances so that the changes in nested template is carried to its instances.

Dreamweaver says, that can happen only (as I understand!) when you create another editable region inside the existing editable region which will make the outer enclosing editable region non-editable. But this still leaves us with one more small editable region which we may not want to have.

Simple solution will be adding a dummy editable region manually using some other editor.


Original template has an editable region.

<!-- TemplateBeginEditable name="EditRegion1" -->
<td>This is editable!</td>
<!-- TemplateEndEditable -->

So, the nested template which is an instance of original template will have it as an editable instance:

<!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="EditRegion1" -->
<td>This is still editable!</td>
<!-- InstanceEndEditable -->

Now add a dummy region 'EditRegionDummy' to solve the problem!

<!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="EditRegion1" -->
<td>This is non-editable now!</td>
<!-- TemplateBeginEditable name="EditRegionDummy" --><!-- TemplateEndEditable -->
<!-- InstanceEndEditable -->

God's Template!


Anonymous said…
Thanks...that was quite annoying and you post helped me out!

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