Wednesday, May 4, 2011

KannadaSlate App @FACEBOOK (How to write Kannada posts in Facebook)

If you want to type in kannada on net, you can install any IME and enable it or type in any website that supports typing kannada and copy paste the content. Kannada Slate is one such website that supports typing in kannada. Similarly, if you want to type kannada in Facebook, you can also follow the same methods.

But with Facebook app 'KannadaSlate' from, you can directly type in kannada and post to your wall without the need of installing any IME or typing and copying text from other editor websites.

Link to the app page in facebook from where you can: goto the app or write comments or report issues about the app or add the app to a facebook fanpage as a tab (detailed later) or suggest to friends or share on your wall... is:

If you can't remember the above link, you can directly goto and click the 'Facebook App' link at the top.


- Click 'Go to App' link from App's page and use the app
- Or you can directly go to the app at link:

App looks like this:

Start typing in the text box in kannada or english depending on which checkbox selected. Once done with writing the text, you can post it to your wall by clicking the button 'wall ಗೆ ಹಾಕಿ'.

Posted message looks something like this:

Once you start using the app, you should soon see a shortcut link to the app on the leftside of your NewsFeed page as shown below:


- Facebook page (fanpage) is a feature used to create a landing page for any brand, person, organization... for which users will become fan and interact through page's wall.
- If you are a ADMIN for a PAGE, you can add the app as one of the tab for the page so that fans of the page can post to Page's wall through the app.
- To add to a page you own, go to the App's page (as shown in the first image of the post) and click 'Add to My Page' link on the leftside (or click 'Add App to Page' drop down menu link from 'Go to App' link at the top right of the timeline banner). It pops up a window with all the pages for which you are an admin and you can select a page to which you want to add the app.

Once the app is added to a PAGE, it shows as a link on the leftside of the PAGE to all its fans/users, as shown in the below image (for JACKIE KANNADA MOVIE page as an example).

If users of the PAGE want to post in kannada to PAGE's wall, they can click the 'kannadaslate' link on the leftside of the PAGE which opens the app instance for that particular PAGE as shown in the below image:

User can type in the text box and click 'wall ಗೆ ಹಾಕಿ' to post to PAGE's wall.

You can also 'SUGGEST TO FRIENDS' or 'SHARE' on your wall about the app by using the corresponding links from App's page (or click 'Share' drop down menu link from 'Go to App' link at the top right of the timeline banner). Sharing posts a link of the app on your wall, something like below:

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