PATI, PATNI aur 498A!!

“When entering into a marriage one ought to ask oneself: do you believe you are going to enjoy talking with this woman up into your old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory, but most of the time you are together will be devoted to conversation.”
~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~

What are the simple tips for a great marriage?!
  • Don't Marry for Love - Marry someone ugly but whom you like talking to...
  • Make Super-Babies
  • Never Promise Everlasting Love
  • Try Serial Monogamy
  • Make It Work
  • Give Her a Baby
  • Get a Little Action On The Side
  • Let Him Suffer
  • Take a Whip to Her
  • Marry Your Best Friend

Those are not mine but from Friedrich Nietzsche as a teaser here - (details here)

"Scientists are the release vehicles for God's technical enhancements to this universe... and for beauty's, its babes! " 
~ 'Release Vehicle' Kuyyo Kuotes ~

Similar to what is said in the above KK, God was worried one day with increased consciousness projections on earth with their overloaded individual karmic residues - and he thought of a quick fix. Thus Section 498a got introduced into Indian Penal Code...

This post is not about whether 498a is right or wrong or whether God is dumb.... In spiritual context, most of the time, 'acquiring knowledge' itself constitutes the 'change' or 'growth' that we are looking for - like 'knowing' that falling from 10ft height hurts makes us: not to jump from 10ft height or put a grill around such places or may be push someone to hell!

Though nobody wants 498a at their doorstep, its always better to 'know' some 'truths' around that from below useful links available in the net:
Don't miss the details about the fight of a 498a victim through RTI in the below link...
Apart from Karma magic, try your best to KNOW people in the system to have some protection in case of false 498a-s and also KNOW the person in your bedroom and their exteeeeeeeended family as a probable prevention...

IPC Illiterate,
Idea Naren!

Some Random Kuyyo Kuotes
  • " Every business is a gamble. Some only gives you a false feeling of control like marriage! "
  • " Everything we do in life is the preparation for death. Marriage is an exception! "
  • " Most of the marriages happen out of existential vacuum! "
  • " Behind every violence, there will be a relationship... of love, hate or marriage! "
  • " Marriage is a risky business... new partner, few plans, no vision and lot of expectations! "
  • " There is nothing like 'the best time' for marriage and death... you only have a choice to skip the first one! "


Raj said…
Bhyrappa's Kavalu is a good read in this context.
Anonymous said…
you have forgotten to add this linkl it has thousands of links on 498a
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Anonymous said…
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