Valentine Quotes

On valentine's day... a quick look at Spiritual Remixer's Love Kuyyo Kuotes!

True love is always beginningless and endless. Love... Marriage... Divorce... Love!
~ Eternal Love Kuyyo Kuotes
People always get carried away with success, consumed with failure and finally confused with love!
~ Poop People Kuyyo Kuotes
Love when fails and Business when succeeds makes great bedtime stories. Never get inspired by them!
~ Bedtime Stories Kuyyo Kuotes
Teen Love is an eternal vaccineless disease. Its symptoms never change across people and time!
~ Vaccineless Love Kuyyo Kuotes
Make love to your spiritual instincts or get raped by your delirious desires!
~ Sexy Choice Kuyyo Kuotes
Anger is like making love to HIV +ve 'Pan troglodytes troglodytes'. It never makes sense!
~ Anger AIDS Kuyyo Kuotes
If you are into corruption, then bribe God... with your divine item number on love!
~ Divine Corruption Kuyyo Kuotes
Romeo was a great lover. Sadly he died with acute luvkemia, a love cancer... due to scarcity of spiritual cells in his blood!
~ Romeo The Rogi Kuyyo Kuotes
Love is like an orgasm... it never lasts long!
~ Pyargasm Kuyyo Kuotes
Love is like a bad cop. It arrests you without warrant and never accepts sex as bribe!
~ Love Cop Kuyyo Kuotes
Is Love a form of Apoptosis?!
~ Love & Apoptosis Kuyyo Kuotes



Kaavya said…
This post is like, the page displayed after I gave "LOVE" in the search textbox @ but of course with lovely pictures esp the last one :)
Its like som1 said "Cupid Iam not stupid" and shot it

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