7121 years ago...

It was 5114 BC...

A very simple math if you know the exact present year and negative operator and some ABCD! I still feel strange how people know the present year, month, day, hour, minute... without being in present?!

So, what is so strange about 5114 BC?? Obviously its not my birth year, at least of this incarnation. But some of the research says its the birth year of so many people, including our Ramayana hero 'Lord Rama'.


So, what? I am not questioning the existence of Rama, as I have my own questions about the reality of my own existence! I am just trying to find this event in the Yuga scale out of curiosity.

According to Yukteswar, at present we are in Dwapara Yuga, Year 307. Current Dwapara Yuga started in 1700AD, after finishing the ascending Kali Yuga from 500AD. Before that we had descending Kali Yuga between 700BC and 500AD during which world witnessed the life of Jesus.

If we go back further by 2400 years of Dwapara Yuga, we get the previous Treta Yuga between 6700BC and 3100BC. Since Ramayana happens in Treta Yuga, 5114BC as Rama's birth year looks a valid year from Yukteswar's version of Yuga maths. And my curiosity about checking the relative correctness between these two ends here!

Did you ever check what AD/BC stands for? or still remember?
BC: Before Christ
AD: Anno Domini

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