<-- 100 feet

Did you ever drive?
Did you ever tried parking in a public road?
Did you ever noticed the 'No Parking' board?
Did you ever thought about respecting the no-parking zone?
Did you ever understood what is written on the no-parking board?
Did you ever tried to measure the zone boundaries?

<--> 300 feet

Sometimes I pray to God to send some Angels for me to measure the no-parking zone boundaries with a measuring tape and mark them for me.

Some other times I pray to God to send some painter to show his art.

All times I pray the police commissioner to upgrade the parking signals.

But I don't know how. We Indians are very clever by birth adjusting to any chaos with a super fast auto learning neural system. And most of the times it is not to improve the system but to 'self-escape' from the chaos system. And the system goes on working!

Chaotic traffic jam can only happen in India,... can only be handled by Indians, and will always be solved automatically by Indians. You just need extra patience, if you happen to be in the midst of it!

~ Parking Pilot,
~ Idea Naren


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