Raja Yoga

We 'live' in a 'virtual' world created by our mind's restricted perceptions through its limited knowledge and reasoning. If our senses witness something which is outside the scope of our reasoning, we term it as 'miracle' and start beating up the 'enhanced soul' who produced those miracles!

Another approach is to enhance our knowledge to become that 'enhanced soul'.

" Creation is full of secrets for all living minds, with many laws beyond our mind's perception "

One such secret is Raja Yoga.

Patanjali talked about it through his Yoga Sutras...
Vyasa talked about it in subtle way in his Mahabharata...
Modern Yoga gurus talk a lot about one of its step Praanayaama...

People follow...

  • OOPs for better coding in software development
  • Signal lights for better traffic management
  • queues (sometimes) for better crowd management
  • everything for more money making

But few follow 'guidelines' in their so called 'life' to act the part of 'living'.

Some simple steps (known by many in bits and pieces in various contexts) are:
  1. Practice non-violence, truthfulness, not-stealing, brahmacharya/celibacy (may be in patches!), no-greed. In effect try to become a 'good human being'.
  2. Practice 'Practice'. Improve your life with discipline through good habits through practice, enhancing your mind-control. Read more. Improve knowledge about world, creation, senses, mind, body, emotions, nature. Do introspections.
  3. Watch yourself how you sit, stand, walk and run! Sitting straight is not to avoid neck/back problems for software engineers, but is the starting step for your spiritual evolution.
  4. Observe and watch your mind's daily life. Try controlling and guiding it through the breath. Remember that you indeed breath on an average of 14 times per minute!
  5. Develop the will power and start to detach the mind from sense objects and draw it inside.
  6. Most of us concentrate on various things, many things, at the same time wasting our energy, calmness and existence. Try to improve the concentration to a single point and start directing it to the proper point depending on your realization level.
  7. Do nothing... and practice it through meditation.
  8. Your ego will die one day in Samadhi if in case you are still alive!

These are just the 'dummy guidelines'. But to know more about the true guidelines, try...

Raja Yoga - wikipedia
Raja Yoga - by Vivekananda (Brief)
God Talks with Arjuna (Bhagavad Gita) - by Paramahamsa Yogananda

~ Timepass Yogi,
~ Idea Naren


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