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Gali Bili Guddi's Personal Dairy,
Class II,
International Public School,
State Capital,
Democratic Country.

Exam's previous day

Working hard with my parents preparing for tomorrow's exam. Haven't found the stable answer for tomorrow's toughest question :(

Exam's day

Usual traffic jam. CM resigns. President rule. Shocked to see the toughest question :( Not sure whether there is a stable answer to this or any answer to this!

Exam's next day

Madam will be correcting the papers today. President's rule has been removed. Not sure what the answer is to that toughest question. Praying god to confuse our Madam as well!

Toughest question

Who is our current Chief Minister?


If a question is related to time, shouldn't they also specify the time for the question? Its very dumb like the one that I read the other day.

Dumb question

Are we happy in life?

Personal Note

What is the time associated with the question 'Are we happy in life?'. If it is anything in future or past, then question will become invalid. If the time is NOW, then in that smallest possible moment, our mind should be void from all thoughts and the answer should be YES.

Are we happy in life?

I am :-)
Genius Guddi.


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