Cave, Flat, Site and ...

If you can try hard to recall your earlier existences, you will know that we had fought hard during early part of Kali Yuga to get and own a cave for our living. Though the time has changed now, we are still fighting to get a plot/flat/land.

But in the meantime, the world has evolved into one more dimension called 'electronic' and the fight is on to get a site/space there as well. If you are planning to get one, try:
Space: 300GB ($7 per month)
Each domain name ($10 per year)
[Note: They won't support .in domains]

Its so strange that while lands price increases, sites price decreases! And it won't be too far when we start hunting for space in the 'energy' dimension of this universe...

~ Future Agent,
~ Idea Naren.


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